Construction & Demolition

We comply with SLO County’s building permit recycling requirement. You must request C&D weight tickets for proof of recycling for the county.

  • Significant time savings: It’s much easier to fill our containers versus an enddump trailer.
  • Higher per load density: Our containers sit on the ground making loading them evenly much simpler.
  • No hourly fees: End-dump trucks are paid by the hour, where roll-offs stay at the job site.
  • More compact: Roll-offs fit in much tighter spaces than large trailers.
  • Ability to separate materials: Separate materials into multiple boxes depending on where they are headed (ex: general debris to the landfill, concrete and steel to recyclers).
Construction Debris
  • Clean-up a construction site the quick, safe, and easy way.
  • Order a container when you start a job and slowly fill it during your project.
  • Eliminate the scrap pile that is a common hazard at many job sites.
  • The container can be emptied as often as you need.
  • When your project is complete we will remove it.
Demolition Debris
  • Demolition projects require a high volume of outgoing material in a short time.
  • Schedule multiple boxes for your job site and we will keep up with the demand.
  • Our truck will initially deliver several containers then begin rotating them to the landfill or C&D processor.
  • Schedule a dedicated driver to be on-call for efficiency in dumping loads.

10 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 1.5’ H x 20’ L
Dirt, Concrete, Tile, Sod

20 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 4’ H x 20’ L
Holds 20 cubic yards of waste

30 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 5’ H x 22’ L
Holds 30 cubic yards of waste

40 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 6’ H x 22’ L
Holds 40 cubic yards of waste