Clean-up Projects
  • Load virtually any non-hazardous material into our containers.
  • Our driver will place the container in an accessible location where you can load it at your convenience.
  • Once you have it full or are finished with your clean-up, we will empty or remove the container.
  • Enormous time savings using roll-off versus hauling junk by pickup truck to the landfill.
Time and Money Saved
  • The Paso Robles Landfill charges a minimum of $20 per pickup load dumped.
  • If you have a full-size truck you might be able to pack 2 yards of material into its bed, which means to make enough loads with your truck to haul the equivalent of 20 yards of junk, you’ll spend a minimum of $200 (10 trips) at the landfill.
  • Save money on your landfill tipping fee and save yourself hours of driving back and forth to the landfill (16 miles roundtrip from town).
  • Save time by eliminating the need to unload junk.

10 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 1.5’ H x 20’ L
Dirt, Concrete, Tile, Sod

20 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 4’ H x 20’ L
Holds 20 cubic yards of waste

30 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 5’ H x 22’ L
Holds 30 cubic yards of waste

40 Yard

Approx. 8’ W x 6’ H x 22’ L
Holds 40 cubic yards of waste