Recycling Services
  • We will haul the material to a certified recycling processor
  • Many items that are suitable for recycling via roll-off include: vineyard grow tubes, cardboard packaging materials, brush, glass, and metal.
Waste Tire Hauling
  • We are a California Certified Waste Tire Hauler.
  • No matter how many waste tires you have, we can haul them to a certified processor for you.
  • In California you need to have a special permit to haul more than 8 tires at any given time, so if you have 40 tires it would take 5 trips to haul them to a processor.
  • We can save you a lot of time by hauling 40 yards of tires per trip.
types of recycling
  • Source-separated cardboard from bottling or solar installs
  • Pomace from harvesting grapes
  • Source-separated wood from construction and pallets
  • Source-separated sheet rock or drywall from construction
  • Green waste from landscaping
  • Commingled recycling from events
  • Food waste from events
  • Vineyard grow tubes